August             3rd-8th
 Olympic Games  Tokyo
 Jul                   4th-(5th)
 Combo Cup   
London Aquatic,        -                 Entries close 3rd Jun,
                                                    Grades required 20th May
 May                   29th
 Beacon Games (South)  TBC
 Apr               18th-19th
 National Champs
 Nottingham, Harvey Haddon  -   Entries close 25th Mar,
                                                    Grades required by 11th M
 Mar                 7th-8th  National Age Groups  
Manchester          -                     
 Mar                 6th-8th  FINA French Open  Paris, Piscine Georges Vallery
 Nov                      16th  National Masters  K2 Crawley
 Aug                  1st-4th  COMEN Cup  Geneva, Switzerland
 July               13th - 19th        FINA  World Championships  Gwangju, Korea
 July                       6th  Combo Cup  London Aquatics 
 June                16th - 23rd  LEN European Juniors  Prague  (outdoor)
 June                    13th  Primorje Synchro Cup  Rijeka, Croatia
 May                     19th  AGM  
 May                 10th-12th  LEN Champions Cup  St Petersburg
 April                 27th/28th  National Championships  Harvey Haddon, Nottingham
 March               2nd/3rd  National Age Groups  Manchester Aquatics
 Dec                     15th  RR Christmas Show  Garrison - Aldershot
 Dec                      8th  National Coaches Clinic  Loughborough
 Nov                24th-25th  National Age Groups  Gloucester GL1
 Nov                 9th-10th   Multi Regionals  Crawley, K2 
 Nov                     3rd  Swim England Masters  TBC
 Oct               23rd-25th  Autumn Camp  Bradfield College - more
 Sept                   22nd  SE Region Figure & Team &    SE Masters  K2 Crawley
 Aug                   3rd - 7th  LEN European       Championships  Glasgow   - more
 July                  26th-29th  COMEN Cup  Seville
 July                  18th-22nd  FINA Junior Worlds  Budapest   -   more
 July                    14th  Beacon Games/Rushmoor Open  K2 Crawley  - More
 July                     7th  Combo Cup  London Aquatics Centre  - MORE
 June                 26th - 1st  LEN European Juniors  Tampere, Finland  -  more
 June                  16th  Berks, Bucks & Hants  Aldershot Garrison
 May                    6th  SE Regional Figure Comp  Kingsmeade, Canterbury    (Prov)
 April                  21st/22nd Swim England Synchro Championships  Harvey Haddon, Nottingham  -   more schedule
 March               17th  Club Awards Evening  Reading Golf Club
 Dec                   10th  RR Christmas Show  Reading - Central Pool
 Nov                    25th/26th  National Age Group Champs  GL1 Gloucester  -  more
 Nov                    4th  Swim England Masters  Queens Diamond Jubilee, Rugby  - more
 Oct                     13th-14th  Multi Regionals  K2 Crawley   -   more
 Sept                   23rd  Recreational Competition  K2 Crawley -  more
 Sept                   16th  Synchro Combo Cup  Manchester Aquatics Centre
 Aug                    3-6th  COMEN Cup  Mealhada, Portugal -  more
 July                    14th-30th  FINA World Championships  Budapest 
 July                     9th  Beacon Games & Reading  Open 2017  Reading Central Pool - more   about
 June                   21st-25th  LEN Junior Europeans  Belgrade, Serbia - more
 June                   8-11th  17th Primorje Cup  Rijeka, Croatia  -   more
 May                     20th  Reading Novice Comp  Reading Central Pool - more
 Apr                      22nd/23rd  ASA Synchro Champs  Nottingham  - More
 March                 25th  SE Region Novice Comp  Central, Reading  4pm  - More
 February             24th     RR Awards Evening  Reading Golf Club
 Dec/Jan    RR Christmas/Winter Show  Reading  - Central Pool Reading on Sunday 18th Dec
 Dec  2nd-4th  National Age Groups  Gloucester  
 Nov  15th  ASA Masters  Rugby
 Oct  8th  Multi Regionals  Gloucester - Images HERE
 Sept  24th  SE Combined Comp  Crawley
 Aug  14th/15th  Olympic Games  Rio de Janeiro - Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre  - more
 July  10th  Beacon Games   John Charles Aquatic - Leeds - more and conditions
 June  21st - 28th  Junior Europeans  Rijeka, Croatia - More Here
 June  18th   Reading Novice Comp   Central Pool Reading - Details
 June  16th - 19th  Hungarian Open 2016  Budapest, Hungary - more
 May  9th-13th  LEN European Synchro Championships  London Aquatic - Report and Images
 April  16th/17th  ASA Synchro Champs  Nottingham Speedo Swim Centre - Report and Images
 Feb  TBC  Awards Night  Reading Golf Club, Kidmore End
 Jan  17th  Winter Show  2015/16  Central Pool, Reading -  Images
 Dec  Postponed  RR Christmas Show  Reading
 Dec  4th/5th/6th  National Age Groups  Gloucester  - summary/images here Results - here
 Nov  8th  Kent Championships  
 Nov  7th  ASA Synchro Masters  Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby  - here for details
 Oct  31st  Midlands Skill  Walsall
 Oct  26th to 28th  Half Term Camp  Reading
 Oct  24th/25th  Scottish Open  Glasgow - here for details at Scottish Swimming
 Oct  18th  Multi Regionals  London Aquatic (2012 pool) - here for details
 Oct  17th  SW Skill   Burnham
 Sept  26th  SE Rec Competition  Aldershot
 Sept  12th  SE Skill  Reading (also NW Skill same date)
 July  11th  Skill 3 Assessor Crse  
 July  4th  Skill Assessors 1&2 Crse  Reading
 June  20th  Hants & South Berks  Novice Comp  Aldershot
 June  6th  Reading Novice Comp  Reading
 February  8th Awards NIght  Reading Golf Club
 March  15th S.E Region Novice Competition  
 March  22nd Reading Skill Day  
 April  11-13th British Championships  
 April  26th/27th Training Camp/Days for National Age Group Teams  
 May  10th Reading Skill Day  
 June  TBC Reading Novice Competition  Reading Central
 September  27th S.E Regional  Recreation Competition  
 October  18/19th TBC Multi Regional Competition  TBC
 Nov/Dec 30th/1st   NAGS Competitive Comp   Gloucester GL1 Pool 
 November  29th   National Recreations  Comp  Gloucester GL1 Pool
 November 2nd   National Skill Day   Wallsall 
 October 19th   National Skill Day   Burnham-on-Sea 
 October 12th   Multi-Regional Comp  Gloucester GL1 pool
 September 29th   National Skill Day    Portsmouth 
 September 28th    Midlands Novice Comp   Wallsall Baths
 September 1st     Club returns to full training
 August 19th-23rd  Summer Camp   Radley College Residential and day camp for more information and to apply for a  place click here 
 August  11th     Club returns to summer training
 July 21st     Club Breaks for summer
 July 13th  National Skill Day   Burnham-on-Sea 
 June 8th Reading Novice Competition   
 May 30th/31st  Reading Half Term Camps   To apply for a place and more information click Here
 May 19th  National Skill Day   Portsmouth 
 April 27th  National Skill Day   London
 April 12th-14th  British Championships  Sheffield 
 Aprl 6th  Team Training Day   Aldershot, please ask TM for more information 
 March 23rd  Team Training Day   Aldershot, please ask TM for more information 
 March 23rd  National Skill Day
 February 23rd  National Skill Day   Burnham-on-Sea
 February 21st/22nd  Readings Half Term Camps   To apply for a place and more information click Here
 Feburary 17th  In-house Assessment   For National Skill Day Reading, 23rd March
 February 8th  Royals Awards Night   Click Here for more information
 January 25th  GB Junior Trials  Junior trials will take place at the HPC.  Seven Royals athletes are attending and we wish them the best of luck.
 January 21st-24th  GB Senior HPC Trials  Senior trials to obtain places in 2013/14 squad will take place over four days
at the HPC.  Four Royals athletes are attending if they are successful they move to full  time training with Katie Clark at the rest of the current Senior squad.  Good Luck
 January 6th 
 Club members return to training 
 January 3rd 
 A-Team athletes return to training 
Dec   16 Christmas Show and last session 2012   
Dec   1-2  National Age Groups Gloucester GL1 pool 
Nov  3rd  Skill Assessment Birmingham 
Oct   20th   Skill Assessment Burnham on Sea 
Sept 16th  Skill Assessment Portsmouth 
June   30th  Novice Competition Reading
June  23rd  Skill Assessment Burnham on Sea 
May   6th  Skill Assessment London 
April  27th  AGM
April   5-9  Training camp skills 1-5 Cobham Hall Kent
April   1st  Skill Assessment Portsmouth
March   22nd  In-house assessment For London
March   19th  In-house assessment For London
March  17th  Skill Assessment  Rugby
March  10th  Awards Night  
March 1st  In-house assessment Skills 1 - 3 For Portsmouth
February   27th  In-house assessment Skill 4 For Portsmouth
February   25th  Skill Assessment  Burnham on Sea
February  9th  In-house assessment Skills 1 - 3  For Rugby
February  6th  In-house assessment Skill 4  For Rugby
January  25th  Committee meeting  



December  18th RRSSC Christmas Show Central,  two performances 5.00-6.45pm and 7.30 to 9.15pm
December 2nd-4th  ASA National Age Groups GL1, more info to follow nearer the time 
November 12th  NAGS training Day  Team Training at GL1, leave at 3pm return at approx 10.15pm.
 More info to follow 
September  25th Multi-Regional Competition  Haslemere more info to follow 
September  24th NAGS training Day  Team Training at Central 3.00-6.00 more info to follow. 
June   11th Novice Competition Central Pool, Reading  2011 Novice Rules & Conditions.doc
May  8th Open Day  
May 20th - 22nd European Synchronised Swimming Champions Cup Pond's Forge, Sheffield, England. Full details can be found here:
April  28th Safe Stretching for parents Kendrick school Hall  6.45-8pm 12 & Under; 10 & under and Novice groups
April 22nd -24th British Championships  Members of the Royals A-Team will compete in all events for the first time.  Please come and support us at GL1.  More info to follow
February 19th-21st England Trials Phase 2  Selection from the 16 athletes who made it through phase one at the
National Age Groups in December, down to
a squad of 12 to train for an international competition in the summer. 
January 29th  Club Awards Night  Suttons Bowls Club, 7.30-11.30pm. A chance for all members to get
together and remember our success from 2010 and also party! 


December 19th  Club Breaks
December 19th  Christmas Show  Two Performances between 3.30pm-10.00pm 
December 6th  ASA England Trials  ASA England Junior and Talent Development Squad trials phase 1, from the figure
of the NAGs competition . Click for more information.
December  6th  British Swimming Junior
Squad Trials 
Phase 1 of the Junior Squad 2011 trials
December 5th-7th  National Age Groups  At the GL1 in Gloucester. Leaving Reading at lunch time, if you need a
letter for the school please contact Bev.  For draft timetable and final draw
go to the British Swimming Website or click here
 November  21st  Mini Competition   Mini Competition for 12/unders and 13/14 plus 15-17 Duets with Portsmouth Victoria.
Change to club plan
. Click for draft timetable. 

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